LV Power

B&S designs and manufactures LV switchboards, MV/LV package substations, control panels, AC/DC UPS power systems, and complete energy management systems


B&S eHouses are cost-effective, prefabricated transportable substations, designed to house medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, critical power equipment and automation cabinets


B&S has extensive experience in the manufacture of sheet metal products such as enclosures, kiosks, e-houses, mounting plates, panel work and cabinets

Electronic SOLUTIONS

B&S has a dedicated electronics assembly facility for everything from PCB assembly   and component procurement to wiring looms and harness production


B&S provides a range of technical services including practical energy management, thermal imaging surveys, onsite  maintenance, and UPS and DC power services


B&S offers a range of products for online purchase including environmental monitoring, smart power and UPS solutions

B&S Group is an innovative, high growth engineering business delivering full-service solutions for power and renewable energy networks.  Our range of solutions cover switchgear and associated power products for domestic and industrial applications through to full infrastructure programs of work.  B&S also offer modular building solutions designed and fabricated in-house which are approved for various applications including primary and secondary substations, GU buildings, VSD and Battery storage.  We provide design, manufacture and installation service solutions for major infrastructure sites including some of the largest DNO and private wind and solar farms in the UK.  Our packaged power solutions are unique and produced to the highest quality and integrity with market leading design life, all designed and built at our site in Chester. 


We also operate a growing e-commerce business supplying environmental monitoring, metering and data capture equipment, UPS systems, voltage optimisers and stabilisers and specialist batteries for industrial and power generation equipment. We’re a privately owned SME with a 30 year track record of delivering innovative solutions for our clients and our mission is to continue building our business by consistently offering the best possible service to customers.


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