UPS & DC Power Services

UPS & DC Power Services

At B&S, we understand the importance of providing reliable UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). Our aim is to provide high quality power to safeguard and protect business equipment and critical infrastructure against mains failure or disturbances.

The team at B&S are highly skilled in the supply, installation, commissioning, and service of UPS and DC power systems, including:

  • Rectifier / Battery chargers up to 1500A
  • LV distribution boards up to 4000A
  • UPS systems up to 500kVA
  • LV Standby Generators up to 1MVA
  • Battery systems both large and small
  • Parallel U.P.S and Rectifier systems

B&S offers servicing and maintenance contracts or alternatively single service site visits can be arranged as per client requirements.  

For more information or for a bespoke quotation please contact us today.