B&S CoP metering panels are designed for use on sites consuming more than 100kW of power per annum with a requirement to install half- hourly billing metering. The panels provide a safe enclosure for mounting suitable MID (Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC) approved meters and current transformers (CTs). Once installed, the metering panel can then be connected to a local Metered Supply Point (MSP) from where it will provide accurate load profiling and automated meter readings. Metallic and non metallic enclosures are available supplied compete with the necessary cabling and CT support brackets ready for meter and CT installation.


CoP 2: For HV sites consuming from 10MW to 100MW with two meters installed and a higher metering accuracy class required than for CoP3.


CoP 3: For LV/HV sites consuming from 1MW to 10MW with two meters installed (main and check). Both meters recording load measurements with the main meter being used for billing purposes.


CoP 5: For LV sites consuming from 100kW to 1MW with one meter installed.