All electrical equipment such as switchgear, control panels and any equipment using electrical power must be maintained in accordance with UK legislation. Regular maintenance in industrial electrical environments is critical to health and safety, and can provide confidence in your equipment operation.

In addition to complying with the legal requirements, a vigorous electrical maintenance regime has a number of key benefits including:

  1. Improve equipment performance – by undertaking regular maintenance the reliability and longevity of equipment is enhanced.
  2. Boost productivity – maintenance ensures equipment is running efficiently.
  3. Reduce the risk of accidents & serious injury – well maintained equipment will contribute to less risk of workplace accidents.
  4. Reduce energy costs – even small inefficiencies can waste a lot of energy over time. Saving energy results in reduced operational costs.
  5. Reduce equipment malfunction & breakage – regular maintenance will detect any early signs of equipment damage or deterioration.

Good practice of electrical maintenance begins at the design stage for any electrical installation and requires methodical planning, qualified professionals, proactive management and in-depth analysis and reporting.

B&S Group boasts a team of qualified engineers that provide professional electrical maintenance services, offering a range of maintenance contracts depending on client requirements. Our team works closely with each client to define and develop a comprehensive maintenance strategy that ensures safe practice and complies with all legal requirements. Bespoke maintenance packages can also be arranged upon request. Visit our maintenance page for full details.