As countries across the world commit to reducing carbon emissions and accelerating green energy production, we take a look at the latest technology and trends emerging in this rapidly growing sector.

The Net Zero 2050 mission is on the horizon and governments are investing heavily into the research and development of renewable energy sources. The UK alone is offering over £90 million funding to enable green innovators to drive forward the next generation of technologies that will enable the transition to a much cleaner, greener country and help tackle climate change.

Below is a round-up of the green technologies driving the transformation of the energy market:

Energy storage – a critical asset of future renewable energy systems, energy storage will allow generated energy to be stored over long periods of time, even months and years, providing a reliable, clean energy supply.

Floating offshore wind – as the size of wind turbines grow, floating wind farms will expand the opportunities for offshore production, offering a viable alternative for oil and gas giants, with Shell already a major stake holder in the Emerald floating wind project in the Celtic Sea.

Biomass production – an organic matter that can used as fuel, sustainably sourced biomass will replace fossil fuels. Energy crops are low cost, low maintenance crops, that are grown with the sole purpose of green energy production.

AI (artificial intelligence) & ML (machine learning) – AI and ML will drive improvements and efficiency of wind and solar production, implementing predictive maintenance and managing the complexity of overall operations. AI will also play a major part in streamlining the corporate energy market, allowing companies to manage their energy use and reduce consumption.

Green hydrogen – green hydrogen is created when energy from renewable sources is used to generate electricity that produces hydrogen through the electrolysation process. This method of creating hydrogen will save hundreds of millions of Co2 emissions annually, playing a critical role in decarbonisation efforts.

Solar – new solar applications including floating solar installations have been expanding into the market since 2016. The latest solar developments will include solar roadways and space-based solar production, which will capture the sun’s radiation through satellites orbiting Earth.

B&S Group continues to invest heavily in research and development of its products and service offerings to support the growth and acceleration of the evolving renewables market. Application of new technologies combined with a heritage of over 30 years industry practice has built a strong position for B&S Group. As a leader in integrated power solutions, B&S Group works alongside a number of the UK’s major energy providers.

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