The UK is moving closer towards its goal of 100% clean energy usage by 2035, therefore, natural and renewable sources of energy, such as offshore wind power or solar power, will become more and more vital. This is an energy shift the UK is well-equipped for, as it has the largest installed capacity of offshore wind in the world. However, renewables face one major problem: they are an intermittent source of energy due to the ever-changing status of over supply and under supply depending on the weather.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) would solve this problem and are vital in the shift away from fossil fuels. BESS allow excess energy generation to be stored when demand is low and distributed when demand is high, rather than that electricity being wasted. The batteries within the systems are green technology, producing zero emissions or pollution during operation, and ensuring a reliable supply of renewable energy, regardless of the weather.

Battery energy storage systems are hugely important to the renewables sector, supporting the National Grid through peaks and troughs of energy usage. It is estimated that battery storage solutions such as Lithium-ion batteries, could save the UK energy sector up to £40 billion by 2050. They will be vital in supporting the UK’s effort to net zero by 2050.

B&S Group is primed to help the UK in its journey towards a carbon neutral power network. As an industry leader in integrated power solutions, B&S Group’s product offerings provide solutions for the harnessing, storage and distribution stages of the renewable energy path.

MV/LV Substations and UPS & DC Systems work in tandem to provide uninterrupted power supplies, helping with the natural variation in the availability of renewables, storing energy until it is needed.

Further, B&S Group’s Enclosures and Kiosks, specifically e-houses, securely house and protect new renewable energy infrastructure and critical power equipment. B&S are at the forefront of the renewable energy journey in the UK, delivering bespoke integrated power solutions to a number of the UK’s largest energy companies. To discuss your requirements with our team, contact us today!