What is an E-house? 

E-houses, or electrical houses, are modular power substations designed to house medium voltage and low voltage switchgear, and other critical power equipment. Delivered as a prefabricated, pretested unit, e-houses play a pivotal role in storing and distributing electrical power across the grid to end consumers.

B&S enclosure and e-house solutions are suitable for both commercial and industrial applications, protecting critical electrical infrastructure assets within the renewables, electricity, gas, water, transportation, data centre and telecommunications industries.

Key Benefits of E-houses

Cost Effective

Modular power substations remove the need for traditional concrete and brick structures, providing significant cost reductions and faster turnaround, making them ideal for both long term and shot term use.

Fully Customisable

Our dedicated, qualified team of engineers work closely with each client to design and manufacture bespoke units to exacting requirements, delivering complete turnkey solutions to meet the equipment layout, site footprint and logistical demands of every substation.

At B&S our E-house solutions are completely bespoke, offering a host of customisation features from full electrical installation of OEM equipment, HVAC, dehumidification, fire protection, temperature control and more.

Rapid Deployment

The modular units are prefabricated and pretested at the B&S facility to ensure delivery, installation, and commissioning is undertaken quickly and efficiently. Transportation of e-houses is simple to even the most demanding locations across the UK.

B&S boasts over 30 years’ experience in delivering professional, quality integrated power solutions. Our Chester based facility and expert team enable us to provide a comprehensive service from design to installation and maintenance services. To discuss your requirements with a member of our team contact us today – info@bsgroupltd.com