According to a report by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, in the UK, renewable electricity generation was 28.2TWh in the 3rd quarter of 2022, which was 18% higher than 2021’s figure. Further, Solar PV generation was at a record high for Quarter 3, driven by the longer summer sunlight hours and the heatwave.

Solar power is projected to become the world’s largest source of electricity as early as 2035, due to its status as an endlessly renewable source of energy. However, issues arise when it comes to storing energy generated by solar power, due to the need for storing electricity when generation is high but demand is low. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) solve this issue, and help the national grid maintain stability during periods of fluctuating usage.

MV/LV Substations and UPS & DC Systems work in tandem to provide uninterrupted power supplies, helping with the natural variation in the availability of renewables, storing energy until it is needed. B&S Group is helping the UK in its journey towards a carbon neutral power network, including assisting in the implementation of solar farms. As an industry leader in integrated power solutions, B&S Group’s product offerings provide solutions for the harnessing, storage, and distribution of renewable energy.

Our modular E-houses and substation enclosures securely house and protect renewable energy infrastructure and critical power equipment with in-house electrical teams able to fit out and test to client requirements.  From LV switchgear and COP metering, to BESS and e-houses or power substations, B&S can provide a bespoke solution for every stage of the renewable energy process.

B&S Group continues to invest heavily in research and development of its products and service offerings to support the growth and acceleration of the evolving renewables market. Application of new technologies combined with a heritage of over 30 years’ industry practice has built a strong position for B&S Group. As a leader in integrated power solutions, B&S Group works alongside a number of the UK’s major energy providers including some of the UK’s largest infrastructure programs.

We have the expertise and capabilities to support and accelerate the UK’s efforts on its journey towards a fully decarbonised grid. B&S Group delivers full service design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance solutions for the safe, efficient, and reliable management of energy systems. Contact B&S Group today.