As rumours begin to circulate about the government beginning to permit onshore windfarm construction in the UK, it is important to consider the benefits of windfarms, and why their construction is vital when it comes to the UK’s Net Zero targets.

Generation of Renewable Energy

Wind farms are instrumental in the generation of electricity from a renewable source. Wind is a truly renewable source of energy, and accounted for nearly 27% of the UK’s total electricity generation in 2022.[1] Utilising wind power would help the UK move away from its reliance upon fossil fuels, and reduce overall carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. To put it plainly, the use of windfarms would help slow the impacts  of climate change.

Power Security

The UK is in a unique position, as it is regarded to be the most effective location for wind power generation in all of Europe. With greater investment in the building of windfarms, the UK will not only become more reliant on greener, renewable energy sources, but it will also become less reliant on importing energy. This is hugely topical, as the war in Ukraine has caused energy prices to soar for UK households.

Cost Effectiveness

Utilising wind to generate power has become even more cost effective when compared to using fossil fuels. Further, as previously mentioned, the UK is particularly well equipped to rely on renewable wind power to a greater extent. With this in mind, the potential amount of electricity generated by wind power would be great, thus further removing the reliance on expensive fossil fuels.


How B&S Group Can Help

B&S Group has extensive experience in supporting and accelerating the UK’s efforts in its journey towards fully decarbonising its grid.

As an industry leader in integrated power solutions, B&S delivers full service design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance solutions for the safe, efficient and reliable management of renewable energy systems. From LV switchgear and COP metering to BESS and e-houses or power substations, B&S can provide a bespoke solution for every stage of the renewable energy process.

B&S is at the forefront of the UK’s decarbonisation and electrification journey, delivering bespoke integrated power solutions for a number of the UK’s largest energy suppliers. Our continued investment in research and development are key in our ability to supply the best quality and technology for the ever-evolving renewable energy market.